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Kitsons Technical Supplies

Trust is built over time
Trust is earned through consistently delivering
Trust is a commitment to your evolving needs in a rapidly changing world

We are delighted to reintroduce a name to the market that you can trust: Kitsons, your local specialist with a national network.

We understand the specialist markets in which
you operate and the challenges you face:

  • the changing legislation landscape
  • the required performances of products
  • the complexity of ensuring system compliance

You need a trusted supplier to:

  • access the breadth and depth of stock you need for all your project requirements
  • collaborate with you and leading manufacturers
  • give you advice to select the right products
  • have dedicated technical teams available to support you
  • be local specialists, who understand your business
  • be backed by a national distribution network.

Kitsons, the new name for SIG Technical Insulation

With a history dating back to the 1800s, the Kitsons name is synonymous with thermal insulation.

In the Victorian era, things were a bit different. We started life as a local specialist and slowly built a reputation for helping tradesmen overcome hardy challenges.

Now one of the key distributors in the technical insulation industry, we offer our expertise and range of products in Industrial, HVAC, High Temperature, and Fire Protection at scale – up and down the nation, under the SIG name.

The market has changed, and now it’s time for us to evolve too.

The Kitsons name has always been one you can trust. It’s always represented a promise – a promise for an extensive range of high-quality technical materials, impartial advice from experts in their field, and project-saving solutions for even the most persistent of on-site challenges.

With such recognition in the market, what other name would we choose? Kitsons, the new name for SIG Technical Insulation

Our Key Suppliers

We work closely with key suppliers in the thermal insulation industry

Our Product Range

Highly demanding sectors require highly resistant materials. We understand the challenges and complications that offshore, marine, power generation, petrochemical, commercial, and high rise environments present.

But that also means we’re perfectly positioned to come up with solutions, saving you time and money. It’s what we do best. Trust is built over time. For over 140 years, we’ve made sure that our specialist products and passionate experts are there when you need them most. It’s why we’re proud to consider so many of you old friends.

So, whether you’ve been with us for a century or are new to the story, when you need to put your faith in someone, put your faith in Kitsons – a name you can trust.


At Kitsons Technical Supplies we understand the importance of reliability in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) supply chain.

High Temperature

Kitsons Technical Supplies is perhaps best known for our High Temperature insulation and associated products, with specialist expertise in Power Generation, Petrochemical, Offshore, Marine, Aluminium, Iron and Steel industries.


Kitsons Technical Supplies work closely with leading industry suppliers of thermal, fire, acoustic and high temperature insulation.

Fire Protection

Kitsons Technical Supplies has access to specialist Fire Protection products for the construction industry, manufacturing and niche industries.

Working with Kitsons

Working closely with all the major manufacturers, we work with our customers in the early planning stages, providing value engineered solutions, which consider application, performance and commercial viability, through to working with them on site for the duration of the project.

With years of experience our specialists are passionate about creating solutions that enhance safety and deliver the right technical performance for the application.

We continually invest in training and development for the team to ensure we have a deep understanding of our industry.

Kitsons Technical Supplies

We are dedicated to supporting our customers

When your business needs a supplier for construction products who can offer you impartial advice and support, you need a distributor who you can trust.