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Commercial buildings, such as offices, schools, hospitals, prisons, hotels and mix use developments can have demanding specifications to achieve regulatory compliance to create safe and energy efficient environments.

Be it Pipework, Ductwork, Fire Rated Ductwork, plant room equipment or high temperature applications, with a specialist team on hand to assist with all your fire protection, HVAC & acoustic needs and thanks to our national branch network and delivery tracking system, Kitsons Technical Supplies, ensure products arrive exactly where you need, when you need them.


Sound Insulation

Though perhaps more important in industrial applications, sound insulation is often of benefit in domestic applications.

Kitsons offer sound attenuation products from major manufacturers, with access to bespoke products where specialist applications are required.


Brewing and Distilling

Due to the requirement to use grades of stainless steel that contain the lowest level of “taint”, and because of tightly controlled fermentation temperatures, these industries produce ideal conditions for stress corrosion as well as a whole range of new insulation challenges.

Hygiene is also of the highest importance, and in areas where insulated equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, this can be difficult to achieve without the correct insulation systems.

Kitsons has a wealth of experience in this area, with specialist products available for demanding applications.



In this industry, the selection of appropriate insulation products and finishes is absolutely vital. From the large number of pressure vessels and fittings needed, to the higher grades of stainless steel required, great care must be taken in the product selection process – particularly where cold or cryogenic processes are involved.

Kitsons has the experience, knowledge and relationships with manufacturers to supply the right products for these demanding applications.


Plant Rooms

Plant rooms can be insulated using many of the products used for HVAC applications, but different approaches are sometimes required. Because of the maintenance of foot traffic, the insulation is sometimes subject to wear that would not normally be encountered in service ducts and ceiling voids and for this reason the insulation is often protected by metal casings. Larger vessels and equipment such as calorifiers may require insulating with Mineral Wool (Stone & Glass) products similar to those used in industrial installations, such as crimp wrap, wired mat, or pipe section mat.

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