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Industrial Insulation

At Kitsons Technical Supplies we stock Industrial Insulation across a wide variety of applications, helping complex systems perform within correct operating temperatures.


Marine insulation products are suitable for fire rated A-class steel constructions where low weight plays an important role, such as onboard passenger ships, naval ships and offshore supply vessels.


The slab (board) is suitable for the thermal and acoustic insulation of horizontal and vertical applications requiring a stable insulation product, such as tank walls, vessels and columns for the industrial market.

Wired Mats

Wired Mat is a bonded mineral wool mat faced with a galvanised wire mesh. These wired mats are ideal for application in situations where the use of Pipe Sections is difficult or impossible. Due to their flexibility and high temperature resistance, Wired Mats can easily be cut and fixed onto the piping.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation is available in mineral fibre, Phenolic, Nitrile rubber, PIR in Sections, Lags and slotted form.